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Nov 14 | Swiss travel brochures

You need only perform a Google image search for “Swiss travel brochures” to understand how much artistry and thought has gone into the historic leaflets now adoring postcards and posters around the world. So you can imagine my glee when visiting the Zurich flea market I snagged a bunch for 20CHF. Aide from Giessbach I’ve been to all of these places, so they’re not entirely random locations.

The back of this brochure lists prices for the Giessbach Park-Hotel for 15-18CHF per night. Currently the cheapest rooms at the now Grandhotel Giessbach is about 10 times as much. Apparently it had fallen into disrepair by the late 70s and was renovated and reopened in the mid-80s.



I couldn’t tell when this was printed, but a return ticket up Harder Kulm on the funicular is listed as 5CHF. Right now it is 30CHF.


This Zermatt one is from 1958.

These ones of Jungfraujoch and Kleine Scheidegg, the one stop before the summit, are from 1958 as well.



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Oct 3 | Global Festa Tokyo 2015

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