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profoundly disturbed said on August 28th, 2005 at 10:01 am :

nyyyaaaaaaaaaaa !

Aug 28, 2005 | Laptop

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard about me ranting and raving about my Windows 98 laptop that my dad bought for about $3,000 back in the day when such machines were novelties and 15lb laptops were light. All the more reason for me to be excited about the prospect of getting a new laptop, a result of my laptop becoming pretty much obsolete with a quarter of the screen illegible and the networking incompatible with the rest of the school.

The one I had the fortune of buying was the Inspiron 2200, which has 40GB of space (compared to 2 on my old one), a 24x CD Burner/DVD player and 512MB of memory, all of which is like making a Neanderthal take Linear Algebra alongside a man of the modern times. In short, my old laptop is fried and I have a new one that cost just a bit over $600.

That makes me a happy guy. I have to admit, after so many years of envying others for having state-of-the-art machines that way almost nothing and that can connect wirelessly to any network and do all sorts of things my device couldn’t, one can’t help but be pretty ecstatic.

It arrives on Tuesday the 6th.

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