Entries for November, 2005

Nov 30 | Politics

It’s November 29.

Nov 28 | It was Washington

It’s not every day that one gets to ride a limousine, and most certainly not that often for a college student, but I guess there was a lot of luck (or certainly a lot of coicidence) that was out to get me as I stood on the corner of South Chester and Swarthmore, waiting for the 5:39 bus that was late, as usual.

Nov 25 | Thanksgiving

I got to ride a limousine from the college to the train station for free, and right now I’m in DC, full of turkey and all sorts of delectable delights that have me essentially dozing off.

Nov 18 | Coldness

It feels like someone opened a gigantic freezer outside and used a big fan to blow it right in my face.

Nov 14 | Live burn

Live burn was very intense, but it was fun nonetheless, though not without the need of the rapid intervention team (RIT) to help out a fellow student from the building because he had problems breathing.

Nov 12 | Whacker

Among the firefighters of Delaware County and apparently elsewhere, the term “wacker” has the connotation of someone who might be considered nearly obsessive about the fire company he or she belongs to.

Nov 5 | A capella and all sorts of work

A breather is in call.