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Dawn said on May 27th, 2009 at 9:26 pm :

Agreed: That job searching is almost entirely useless, and that the time wasted filling out endless job history forms could be better spent.

Someone needs to code a program that auto-fills a job application based on filling out a single form with all your info, once. Hilton hotels has an auto-fill feature that pulls from your uploaded resume, but it’s heavily dependent on proper formatting or it mucks up all the fields anyway.

Good luck, either way.

May 4, 2009 | A Job Applicant’s Declaration

“Assist in the analysis, development and implementation of preventive actions which proactively resolve product, process and systems issues.”

BS detector? Check.

Frazzled? So am I

Well, let’s see. I’m looking for a job.

Stated, that the applicant has had enough with entering past job positions into endless forms,

Declared, that the applicant feels that making one’s skills look good on paper or pixel is a poor way of judging an applicant’s worthiness,

Highlighted, that the applicant feels that being an international student almost always excludes one for job opportunities even though he/she is in possession of an EAD card,

Clarified, that the applicant’s resume can only be reshuffled so much before he/she loses track with what is important and what is not,

Affirmed, that job postings should be genuine offers of employment rather than attempts to make it appear as such,

Recognized, that job applicants will undeniably spend 10 times more time to send an application than a recruiter will spend reading it,

Reinforced, that the job application results do not reflect the time and effort spent nor the education that has lead up to it,

I, the job applicant, heretofore shall go back to Monster.com to fill out my profile.

Bad UI

Exhibit A of bad user interfaces: How on earth would you know the difference between Browsing and Searching without clicking?

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