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kudu said on January 28th, 2006 at 1:38 pm :

u can do it riri! no worries! and as for the bottle-top theory, although they are only complete with their top, you sometimes have to take their top off to realise how important that little round piece of screwey plastic can be. so if you didn’t misplace your bottle-top once in a while, you wouldnt realise its importance.
take care!


kines said on January 28th, 2006 at 6:38 pm :

kudu- that was very symbolic, and I agree completely with you. I’m just wondering- can bottle tops be representative of people?

Jan 27, 2006 | Bottle caps and things

Poring over my engineering homework dealing with stress and strain, manipulating figures dealing with bars of steel put under tension, I realise how similar my daily life has become to that particular piece of metal- I just hope that one day I just won’t reach a point of fracture. I think I’ll be able to juggle through everything.

The exciting thing is that I’m taking Fire Fighting II classes, which means once again evening classes (this time on Mondays) and skill-training days on Saturdays. The good thing is that Fire II is entirely optional- those who are in the class are there because they want to be, unlike Fire I, which was basically a mandatory class. It was optional to the point that we almost couldn’t gather enough students to be in the class, and we were able to scrap just enough to save the class from being shifted altogether to another schedule beginning in June.

There was something entirely trivial that I had contemplated earlier this week that, when put to writing, might salvage some of it’s apparently ridiculousness- it has to do with bottle caps. I had kept a plastic bottle of Nestlé’s Brisk ™ Iced Tea with me to refill with the iced tea from the cafeteria’s dispenser, but upon realising that I had misplaced the cap somewhere, immediately discarded the said bottle. After all, what use is a bottle without a cap, right?

Doesn’t that apply to a lot of things in life? What is a person without another to love? What is a mind without ideas to stimulate it? What is a soul without music to stir it?

Mais où es-tu?
Si loin sans même une adresse?
Et que deviens-tu?
L’espoir est ma seule caresse…

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