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Dec 24 | Annotations on the Walled City of Kowloon

About a month ago I came across an interesting article about the walled city of Kowloon, a enclave that had nearly 33,000 inhabitants in an area no more than 6.5 acres.

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Sep 6 | The little computer that could

A history of the Minitel

Few outside of France have heard of Minitel, a remarkable precursor to the Internet that managed to holds its own well into the digital age.

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Mar 21 | Podio Hack Day Wrapup

I decided to spend Sunday indoors at Podio’s new space on 6th street in San Francisco, hacking away at code for a chance to win a ticket to Denmark or a new iPad.

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Jun 24 | The Most Unexpected Game

What with the World Cup fanfare, I thought it’d be interesting to bring this little gem of a story up for your entertainment.
The year was 1994, the location, the sunny island of Trinidad and Tobago.

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May 21 | Impostors in Academia

A flurry of news articles have surfaced regarding the recent revelation that a Harvard student slated to graduate this spring was actually a complete fraud, having fabricated his attendance at MIT, Philips Andover, as well as recommendation letters and SAT scores.

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Mar 22 | The Prius Syndrome

The recent spate of runaway Toyotas makes it all too easy to blame the machine instead of the driver.

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Jan 18 | An Engineer’s Nightmare - Ocean Tower, South Padre Island

Also known as: Faulty Towers, or The Leaning Tower of South Padre Island.
We see this as a great opportunity to get a bargain right now on what will become the finest quality built tower - in the best location - on South Padre Island.

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Jan 11 | The emergence of a new world order

Does the map below strike you in any fashion as odd?

In Japan, this is the typical world map you would find in a standard school textbook.

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Nov 10 | Visualizing car mileage ratings

I always had the impression that cars outside the United States always seemed to get better mileage than those in the United States.

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Oct 23 | A Post about the International Post

Did you know:

that if you are a political prisoner, you are exempt from all postal charges and packages up to 5kg, except airmail surcharges? (Article 7.2.1)
that similarly, literature for the blind is free of postal charges except airmail fees? (Article 7.2.1)
that if you underpaid a First-Class international mail or postcard to Canada without a return address, your recipient would have to pay double the difference, unlike for any other country you send it to? (IMM 423.24)
that USPS regulation forbids the use of “brilliant colored envelopes” for first-Class international mail? (IMM 241.213)
that if you were to put the address parallel to the short side of a standard envelope, you could be required to pay $0.20 extra? (IMM 241.217)
that UPU regulation forbids sending “obscene or immoral articles” (Article, though it is at the discretion of each admitting country to define what is “obscene”?
that the United States is not one of the UPU countries listed as those who will not receive mail containing currency, regardless of whether or not it is insured?

I was rather disappointed when the post office clerk told me that the United States Postal Service didn’t provide airmail stamps anymore because all international courier is sent by air.

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