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Jan 5 | DIY carbon fiber iPad case, portable charging unit

What with the winter holidays and some time off, I’ve tried to make a few hacks that I thought I’d share.

Dec 21 | Homemade infinity mirror (update)

I usually try to finish what I started and this time it’s taken me just over two years to finish writing up a relatively simple tutorial.

Jul 30 | Make your own Rubik’s Cube Illusion

This post is in response to brussup’s Rubik’s Cube Illusion poster that has made the rounds online.

Dec 17 | Homemade infinity mirror

Please note there is now an updated version of this post complete with a link to a tutorial.

After a few days of tinkering I’ve finished the infinity mirror I made that was inspired by both the Museum of Fine Arts exhibit I saw a few months ago and a recent post on Reddit about a similar device made by a glass-maker in Providence.