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Jan 25 | Browsing privacy is a myth

I’ve launched a new project called SeeMyHistory, which is a rather controversial approach to the idea that having any sense of privacy online is a pure unadulterated myth.

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Dec 8 | The Web as we once saw it

I’m particularly fascinated in the ways in the Internet was perceived in the past because the benefit of hindsight gives us a lot to appreciate.

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Nov 19 | Common Webpage Layouts

As a web designer I always like to have clients who have some sort of idea of what kinds of webpages they want.

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Nov 16 | New design

To celebrate a relatively new beginning in California, being back in school, and diving head first in the domain of my passion, human computer interaction, I’ve decided to spicen up the site somewhat.

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Oct 18 | The minimalist aesthetic

How far we have come in comprehending the fundamentals of user-oriented design! Here’s an example where functionality has overridden the long-held tenets of design and visual design: the log in screen for an OS.

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Sep 3 | The IKEA Furor

Just as Tropicana and Pepsi bungled over rebranding, IKEA now has been added to the list, and this time over something slightly less obvious.

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Apr 9 | Rethinking the way to make money online

With the Associated Press raising a row about how to reign in its news sources, twitter banging its head on how to make revenue, and Encarta being dropped because of bad marketing, one cannot help but notice that businesses are scrambling to maintain their revenues in this cash-strapped economy.

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Nov 25 | Presenting the new Engineering website

Before the launch…

and after!

Some cool new features:

WordPress backend
valid XHTML 1.1
accessibility features (accesskeys)
a slideshow
a moo JS menu sidebar

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Oct 22 | Never Say “People Should Upgrade Their Browsers”

In the design of the new layout for the Swarthmore Daily Gazette, there have been a fair number of good things, like a more condensed layout and a overall “news-y” feel to it.

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Oct 7 | Spicen up your Gchat Status

Who knew? You can copy and paste the following cool Unicode characters into your Gchat (Gmail Gtalk) status bar to spice things there! Also, if you type in
a word surrounded by an underscore, like _Really_ busy, the status will italicize the first word to make it look like Really busy.
a word surrounded by an asterisk, like *Really* busy, the status will italicize the first word to make it look like Really busy.

★ solid star
☆ star
☠ skull and crossbones
☢ radioactive
☣ biohazard
☪ crescent moon and star
☭ hammer and sickle
☮ peace
☯ yin yang
☹ frown
☺ smiley
☽ moon
♀ female
♂ male
♔ king
♕ queen
♘ knight
♡ heart
♩ note
♪ eighth note
♫ bar note
♬ double bar
✡ star of david
✌ victory
Note: some of these appear to fail in IE.

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