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Jun 30, 2006 | Findings

It’s going to be a hot summer.
It’s almost 9pm and there’s someone’s digital alarm clock ringing away.
I just found an 18-page brochure of a Macintosh dating from 1983.

There has been recently a lot of competition between Macs and PCs, namely because the former is capable of running Windows natively and Apple has resorted to what Slate calls ‘mean-spirited’ ad campaigns on TV and on websites. These all involve a younger man with a trendy outfit standing next to an older and stuffily dressed man, the younger introducing himself as a Mac, and the other as a PC. The Mac proceeds to blast PCs by detailing how they freeze up, are prone to viruses, or just simply aren’t user-friendly.

I guess all the fuss about whether or not it is an effective ad gives added publicity (so I won’t link to it) but it is controversial to say the least. It might be an indication that Apple feels like it’s losing it’s hold on the computer market and therefore needs to lash out, or maybe it’s just another form of advertising that they’re into.

I was almost going to put a “Made on a PC” logo on my main page.

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