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Faerunner said on December 20th, 2007 at 12:20 pm :

I’m happy to hear this – for all that I despise IE in its many incarnations I’m still forced to keep it around (mostly for things like my educational websites which refuse to cooperate with FF…. funny how “educational” sites manage not to work when the commercial sites had it figured out years ago…) At least if IE is getting more compliant it won’t be quite so painful to use next time I have to open it up. :p

Dec 19, 2007 | IE8 Passes Acid Test

Arve put it in the best words when he wrote: hell just froze over.

IE8 has passed the Acid2 test.

My jaw has just reached the floor. IE8 beta is due out in the first half of next year, apparently, and I have no doubt web designers have a lot of mixed feelings about what this means. Because while the Acid2 test is not a benchmark for standards compliance, it does mean the Microsoft is paying attention to the flaws so present in IE7. One surprising thing is that Firefox has only just jumped on to the Acid2 bandwagon, as the beta (v. 3.0) that is out now and available for download is first of the Firefoxes to actually display that nagging smiley face correctly.

For the time being I think it’s best we just assume that the number immediately after 6 is 8.

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