An Eye on Area 51, Nevada

We're all interested in what we aren't supposed to know. These images were taken from Google Maps with Digital Globe, EarthSat™ around the Rachel, Nevada region north of Las Vegas. They have not been altered in any way. Text was added to the first image only. Click on the images to get a larger view.

A general map of where things in this gallery have been taken from. A'le' Inn (alien, get it?) is perhaps the closest sign of civilization... while Area 51 is not physically fenced off, patrols make sure no one gets near it, with stiff fines and even imprisonment for those who try...

The coveted Area 51 (Groom Lake). Notice how the ubiquitous Google copyright (usually located all over the image) is missing here, meaning images are all archived ones.You can probably find better, more detailed images of Area 51 if you so choose. I'm just travelling around.

This is taken from the "Potholes area" (see first image) just west of Area 51. I checked for evidence of nuclear waste dump areas here, but the closest was one is in the Yucca Mountains, further north and west.

Seems like something's going on underground, no? (They wouldn't have reason to pile dirt otherwise, except perhaps to conceal). It's not as if they're trying to build another WTC, right?

Fondly named the Visitor Reception Area.

The green swimming pools.

I'm gonna call this one Madison square garden. Beats me as to what they contain.

It's almost like an illusion: the left side is dug into the ground and the right side rises above... or is it vice versa?

Another one

Residential area?

Wierd squarish huts.

Very peculiar landing strip. Looks relatively abandoned.

Pastures abound!

Two round pastures together... It's strange that the collage is not so coherent around the edges...

Pastures that have been grazed..

Something about this "rock" or device just doesn't look right... I might be mistaken though.