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Jul 12, 2006 | Link Ye

A modern rendition of Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon” by the community of Beloit, Wisconsin. link »

Imagining ten dimensions made easy: a dot, a line, a fold. link »

Rocketboom goes boom without Amanda Congdon. One of the web’s most popular vloggers gets fired from her daily. link »

Bye bye Sony’s ‘racist’ PSP ads link »

And you thought wearing a wig would help you cheat? What a waste of $3,125. link »

The best of Calvin and Hobbes: see 25 link »

Add a new meaning to iSight: Move your mouse with your eyes: link »

The perfect cocktail trick: sinking ice. Not too cheap though. link »

Funny computer error images you hopefully won’t come across, including a call tracking system from B.C, 2008 missing from a dropdown list, and “Please bang on the keyboard like a monkey”. link »

Who thought you could trade a red paperclip into a house? 14 trades and a year, now he’s got himself one in Saskatchewan. link »

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