PerlBlog is a Perl script written to accomodate your blogging needs, without all the hassle and complications of php or MySQL. Plus, its the easiest to customize, with over 100 areas of the blog you can edit!

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Valid XHTML 1.0!


PerlBlog is a dynamic and versatile blogging script written entirely in Perl, offering opportunities in customizing from beginners to developpers alike. Best of all, it's free and really easy to set up.

  1. Integrated commenting
  2. Automatic archiving
  3. Permalink
  4. Weblog entry editor
  5. Extensive customizing
  6. Secure password/double portal posting

See how it looks like out of the box here
See what parts of PerlBlog you can customise here
See a live edited version of PerlBlog here
See a current user's weblog powered entirely by PerlBlog here

Download PerlBlog here
The latest version is 1.09b

Please note while all development has ceased, you may still contact the developer for queries.


Perl/CGI support on your host
Webspace and CHMOD capability
A FTP program

Latest News:

I will be taking advantage of this summer period to look into RSS and fix minor glitches with PerlBlog. The version that is kept online at this page is kept in synch with the downloadable version; therefore, should you encounter any glitchs on the online version, please do not hesitate to point it out to me so I can fix it and update the download.

1.09 is now online: Firefox compliance has been fixed, Asian character support is enabled, and recent posts are now supported.

1.09 is nearly completed, with minor fixes, adjustments, and "recent posts" support. Of course, you'll be able to control how many recent posts you want displayed. The footer also now has customizable link and hover attributes.

The latest release solves minor issues and confusions, and adds further customizable areas, most notably in the header section. It now also validates as XHTML 1.0 strict.

Next up- a recent posts lineup option!

I'm pleased to announce the result of hardwork and effort- PerlBlog version 1.08! Now with on-demand popup commenting, and the number of posts displayed on the main page can be predetermined. As usual, the archives are automatically created each month. is now free of glitches (a miracle indeed).

Latest developments include a QuickTag banner that allows you to use them to decorate your post with emphasis, codes, and external links. Comes with a dictionary checker too!

We welcome Mason to the development team. With his expertise in Perl, this script is bound to improve!