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New Years Predictions for 2011 said on January 4th, 2011 at 2:26 am :

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Jan 2, 2010 | Predictions for 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Before I go ahead, let’s see how accurate I was in last year’s predictions for 2009:

Obama was indeed inaugurated and tensions have risen with Iraq, rather obviously. The recession did stabilize. Google Android has now been deployed on the MyTouch, HTC and soon the Nexus One. Japan did not suffer from a big earthquake in 2009, however. All in all a rather mediocre prediction accuracy. Going ahead with the year in review:

  1. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger lands a plane in the Hudson, saving the lives of 155.
  2. Obama gets inaugurated, and subsequently wins the Nobel Peace prize.
  3. Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy, Patrick Swayze, Walter Cronkite, Les Paul, Farrah Fawcett die, among many other notable figures.
  4. Bernie Madoff is convicted of a $65 billion Ponzi scheme.
  5. NASA finds water on the moon.
  6. Swine flue becomes a global pandemic.
  7. The healthcare reform bill passes Senate.
  8. Jobless rates peak at 9.6%, the highest in 26 years.

Without further ado, here are predictions for the year ahead:


It’s pretty much obvious column:
1. iPod Touch 4th generation brings in camera and microphone
2. Apple releases a tablet PC
3. 4G networks emerges
4. Twitter starts running ads
First mainstream SSD laptops emerge
Sirius/XM folds
T-Mobile takes on iPhone
Retailers start implementing widespread taxation on online purchases
Space tourists increase to a dozen or so as commercial space aviation takes off
Mobile barcode-based transactions emerge as the new currency


Kim Jong-il and Castro passes away
OJ Simpson, Britney Spears also pass away
Barack Obama gets targeted in an attack but is not harmed


Unemployment levels remain the same.
Gas prices soar midyear to nearly $4 a gallon after Middle East/OPEC decisions lower barrel output.

Science and Environment

An earthquake along a midocean ridge sparks concern about islands, tsunami
Scientists claim to have successfully cloned a monkey

I guess that’s all I have for now. I think there’s something unjust about writing predictions beyond January 1st, so that’s that.

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