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Predictions for 2012 said on January 15th, 2012 at 5:30 pm :

[…] my thoughts together about what 2012 may bring us, but here’s to a ritual that I’ve kept up for the better part of a decade. To be fair, predictions are really nothing but glorified educated guesses, but it feels […]

Jan 4, 2004 | Predictions for the year ahead: 2004

Time for predictions of the year ahead (im still thinking about whether or not to make resolutions). Here goes:

Bush ousted from presidency by Howard Dean– French and Germans declare international holiday to celebrate.
Terrorism stirs Athenian Olympics– Greek officials inadvertently shoot crowd instead of terrorist.
North Korea and Mr. Il– Kim Jong Il assassinated by right-wing nationalist. World rejoices.
EU with 25 members– 25 stars don’t fit on the flag, so the flag is revamped. Critics claim it looks like the American flag.
Lord of the Rings– doesn’t win the best movie awards… instead it goes to… Mystic River! lol
Silvio Berlusconi impeached– he compares Schroeder to Hitler in a meeting. Apologizes but is impeached, then exiled to Siberia.
Saddam tried in International Court– but is aquitted because US officials claim they ‘lack sufficient information’
Temperatures soar to record high– sweltering summer kills dozens as ineffective cooling plagues homes worldwide. (again)
Life on Mars– discovered. slimy green object discovered and wreaks havoc on earth.
bin Laden found– but he turns out to be a CIA agent with a fake beard. US gov goes beserk.

So much for that. Interesting to see whether or not this goes out as predicted… next year I can go back to this and laugh at the ridiculous predictions. oh, and also, my condolences to the 30,000 ppl who died, as well as their relatives who suffer as a result of the earthquake in Bam, Iran (its all bin Laden’s fault).

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