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Aug 15, 2007 | Voices of concern: Google not the best?

As a Google addict (Google Apps and 20 other services currently employed, thank you) it pains me to think that stronger and more outspoken critics can exist of the company I have hoped (and continue to hope) to work for some day. It is, however, undeniable that they exist, and it makes me certainly wonder how it can possible be.

Consider Pegaro’s article in the Washington Post claiming that blog searching is Google’s weakest link, betraying its supposed functionality with the return of advertising-spammed spoof/blog/spam that give nothing very relevant. I must say I never knew Google’s Blog Search existed, but even a quick search for “Barack Obama” returns legitimate and interesting pages. I’m not sure what Pegaro was searching for, but I find very little fault, even from an objective standpoint. He does make a good point, however, that many search engines put a little too much emphasis on selling and advertising (Google, perhaps too much so).

What does provide an eye-opener is Jacqui Cheng’s article at ArsTechnica, which points out that while Yahoo and Google’s customer service satisfaction are ‘neck and neck’ (at 79 and 78 percent, respectively), the trend shows that Google isn’t up to par with the innovation and snaziness that some of its competitors have been able to offer. While reliability is what we love to depend upon, having a bit of zest and eye candy is perhaps the best cure for our restless brains in this online world.

Gone, perhaps, are the days of Dr. Google and the little packet of acetaminophen. Exciting new purchases by the search engine giant are promising little new except the occasional jitter of being spotted on the street. Maybe Google just has to buy Digg? While Google can still stand tall with regards to its closest competitors, it must also redefine its policies in order to survive the war for the undeniable best.

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