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Feb 24, 2004 | Trip to London

just came back an hour ago from a four-day trip to london… it was great! saturday we left at around 9, took the Eurostar to waterloo and got there around midday, and in the afternoon i ‘treckked’ a mile or two north to Wharf street, where there was the Yoko Ono Odyssey of a Cockroach. don’t be alarmed.. im no Ono fan. o No. muahaha. anyways, sunday we went to Cambridge to see my dad’s old school, Trinity College which was cool, although it started to sleet later in the afternoon. Monday (or Mundey, as the folks say it) i went to the science museum to contemplate the matters of science. lol (here i am muching away on one of my ‘three-for-a-quid” gingerbread men i got in Cambridge.. yum). it was fun (the trip to the science musem, where i went on a flight sim and all which was more like a rollercoaster than anything), and comparable to the Cité des Sciences museum i went to on friday before we left.. so I guess that about summarises all i did (oh, and i also bought the first three books (boxed as a trilogy) of Griffin and Sabine it cost a ton, but i guess its worth it =P… anyways, will update y’all on the more ‘non-event’ part of my trip soon, once I can get my thoughts together…

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