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Jun 10, 2012 | A weekend of pictures

This weekend, alongside some positively awesome interns at Google, I managed to tick off two items off a Tokyo tour checklist I had made in the last couple of weeks: the Tsukiji tuna auction market, and Sanno Matsuri.

Click here or above to see an audio slideshow from Tsukiji

The Tsukiji tuna auction market takes place at around 5:30 in the morning every day except Sunday, and it involves dozens of fish buyers bidding on tuna that is literally fresh off the boat. After some time spent inspecting each tuna on display, they go about quickly selling them off for about 8000-9000 yen per kilo. To observe this, the fisheries folk allow up to 120 visitors to attend every day, and we figured if we were going to go we would make it worth our time, and so we ended up arriving onsite at around 4am in order to get in line.

Click here or above to see an audio slideshow from the Sanno Matsuri

Sanno Matsuri is one of Tokyo’s three largest festivals, and though the main parade was on Friday, we managed to catch a really neat procession of mikoshi along Chuo street between Kyobashi and Nihonbashi. A total of 12 mikoshi were transported along that road, along with taiko performances and even children’s mikoshi. It was definitely a perfect start to what promises to be a hot and humid summer!

You can get the code for the HTML5 audio slideshow, which is a variant on the one available on tympanus, is available on GitHub here.

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