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Feb 28, 2010 | Across the Olympic finish line

It’s great now that video replays are common we can all share in snippets of the wonderful Olympics (never mind the fact that the only US licensed provider of live streaming and video from the Olympics is NBC). I’ve come across the following that I’ve saved for future enjoyment (click for larger versions):

Nikita Kriukov and Alexander Panzhinskiy (right), both from Russia, stretch to cross the finish line first in the men’s individual sprint classic cross-country final.

Spain’s Rocio Delgado slides across the finish line after crashing hard landing in the last stretch of the first-ever women’s ski cross event.

Apolo Anton Ohno (US) crosses the finish line behind Charles Hamelin of Canada after both second and third place skaters crash just before the finish line in the 500m short track speed-skate event. Ohno was eventually disqualified for causing the crash.

Germany’s Anna Friesinger-Postma slides across the finish line in the women’s semifinals of team pursuit speedskating. Her skates crossed the line 0.23 seconds ahead of the last American, giving the Germans the chance to advance and eventually win their gold medals.

France’s Cyril Miranda (with skis up) and Japan’s Yuichi Onda (on the ground) collapse after finishing the men’s team sprint semi-final event. This was the same event at which Belarus’s Leanid Karneyenka was disqualified after took a wrong final turn despite having lead much of the way.

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