Discovering Bangalore

3 years ago

A lady selling flowers in Nagarthpet, Bangalore I’ve always cherished the opportunity to visit India. Every time I go, I uncover another beautiful or surprising slice of the country, and come away, as many do, changed in indescribable ways. The modern Bangalore metro, with an average ride costing approximately $0.28… Read More

Two days in Niijima and Shikinejima

The view from the deserted Habushiura beach Ever since my failed trip to Oshima 3 years ago, I've been meaning to make it to its more charming little sister island, Niijima. Niijima and nearby Shikinejima are sufficiently remote from Tokyo that they feel a bit like a different country altogether:… Read More

3 years ago

Brydge iPad Pro 2018 Keyboard review

One of the oddest things about writing on a solid, alumnium keyboard attached to the latest generation iPad Pro is that you immediately start expecting more from iOS, and not the keyboard. The trouble is that with such a superior keyboard experience, suddenly the myriad of minute iOS limitations, like… Read More

3 years ago

Onsen trip report: Haccho-no-yu, 八丁の湯, Okukinu, Nikko

I had the chance to travel to the far corner of Tochigi prefecture in a place called Okukinu (奥鬼怒), nominally still Nikko city, to stay at Haccho-no-Yu, an onsen ryokan. It's definitely a hidden gem, though perhaps not the place for everyone. Getting there takes a bit of work. From… Read More

5 years ago

All About Tokyo Taxis – Part 1

In which I discover a minor taxi racket in Akasaka, ogle taxis from the top of Tokyo station, go taxi hunting, and end up calling myself an otakushii. You can get descriptions to all these photos by reading the alt text (hover) or by looking through this imgur album. New… Read More

6 years ago