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Kyasuriin said on June 3rd, 2006 at 1:47 am :

Sounds like you’re having fun :) I just returned home yesterday around 3:00 a.m. — Had play practice the following morning from 9a.m. till 4p.m. I am currently beaten and my friends are picking me up in two hours to catch a late night movie. You should contact me, eh? (Yeah yeah, I’m Canadian; “Eh?”)

-.- ai ya


Rio said on June 3rd, 2006 at 6:38 am :

You know I won’t miss a beat when it comes to contacting you.

Jun 1, 2006 | An audio voyage of sorts

The following is an innovation of sorts, an experiment that I’ve never tried and doubt many others have. I compiled recordings of my trip to Troyes and Milan, and, despite having attached additional voice recordings as part of an explanation, could not be satisfied with the result. Therefore, untainted, untarnished, and unexplained, here it is. Click to listen or right-click to download.

The segments can be best described as follows:

0:00-0:30 Saturday, around noon, The Paris subway. Intermingled with some unknown language (Hindu?), it represents the internationality of the fashion capital of the world.

0:32-0:49 Saturday afternoon. On the train to Troyes. It consisted of smooth ride that had me nodding off to sleep in the hour it took us to get there.

0:50-1:19 Though the train conductor had warned us that there would be some fanfare when we arrived at Troyes to celebrate the retirement of a fellow collegue, we really hadn’t expected such loudness either. (It’s the sound of horns of some sort)

1:20-1:54 Rappers on the street livening the atmosphere at a small arena in the middle of the city as onlookers gather around.

1:55-2:09 Later that evening, after having visited the churches and the famous Ruelle des Chats (Alley of the Cats), we were on our way back to Paris.

2:10-2:44 Saturday evening to Sunday morning.The night train was rather cramped in that we had to fit six people on bunkbeds into a single cabin, but that didn’t keep me from sleeping soundly, rocked by the swaying of the train. The policemen who checked our passports before we boarded the train, however, were very intimidating.

2:45-3:09 With the window open, it’s 6:39 am and I’m enjoying the rising sun and the wind that rushed by.

3:10-3:42 At the Milano Centrale station, the loudspeaker resonates in the cavernous structure, announcing the stations at which a particular train would stop.

3:43-4:07 Sunday evening, we have dinner at fine restaurant that served excellent pizza by the brick oven, but the clamour certainly prevents any conversation.

4:08-4:47 The Italian subway system is very clean and smooth, and very convenient to get from place to place. At second 4:28 you hear “Fermata San Babila”, which is just a few stops from our hotel.

4:50-5:15 On Monday, we decided to take a day trip to Bergamo, and we happened across an ancient castle. We reached the top just at noon, and so we could hear the chorus of bells that, as I recall, came from at least four different churches, each of which we could see from our vantage point.

5:16-5:38 Monday afternoon. The conductor informs us, in Italian, that the ringing of cell phones are a bother to other passengers, as we head back to Milano. If only they had said that to the passengers on the TGV ride back.

5:39-6:26 Wednesday afternoon. We arrive at Gare de Lyon just as the conductor tells us not to forget anything and apologises for the ‘slight delay’. His Italian is clearly pretty influenced by his French accent. A small kid is on the brink of despair, for some reason or another.

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