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Mar 8, 2009 | Another Dimension of Time

Time warp: a new dimension of time?

University of Southern California physics professor Itzhak Bars has suggested (in somewhat dated news) what the Telegraph called a “heretical idea”: the possibility that there is an additional dimension to time.

According to Bars, the world we see around us is merely a “shadow” of a six-dimensional world. Think of a 3D object like your hand and the 2D shadow it makes on a wall. Just as there are many different possible shadows of your hand depending n where the light source is located, there are many possible four-dimensional shadows of the six-dimensional world. “Each gives rise to a different set of phenomena in our world,” he says.

Source: New Scientist, “Time gains an extra dimensionn”

It won’t be as though we could actually experience the new dimension as we would our current one, but instead we would, according to Bars, perceive it through “shadows” that are reflections of that elusive dimension.

As I spend my spring break finishing up The Subtle Knife, my imagination cannot help but extrapolate his suggestions and theories to something beyond reality, the possibility that perhaps elsewhere there may be a parallel universe of some sort.

Fanciful, I know, but mind-shatteringly awesome nonetheless. And to think what sorts of things people would do to prevent it from actually becoming reality!

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