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Mar 4, 2004 | Apathy and indifference

I hate indifference. Those people who don’t seem to care about anything you say, just because you’re not one of ‘them’ or you’re not in the fad and all. It’s degrading. It’s like “Oh, it’s him again. Maybe I’ll make it seem as though he’s talking to himself and ignore him.” Some people can really act the worst way possible, and despite not having met anyone of the sort until now, I’ve realised that that part of my naivety is now gone. I hate having to say all this because it now means that I’m going to look at every person a bit more warily, because I wouldn’t want to act like a fool talking to someone who doesn’t even care if you drop dead at their feet or not. I’m hoping she’s an exception. Oh and another thing. I’m quite sick and tired of “Can I see your homework?” Soon enough you might see a big column in this blog about the annoyances of that statement. Ah, well. I guess I can’t leave it for another day.

See, what annoys me the most isn’t the fact that the other person can get good grades just because they copy my homework or anything. It sorta ties in with the indifference thing I mentioned earlier. One moment it’s all sweet and kind and “Can I get your homework? Come on, don’t be mean. You know I’ll give you my homework if u need it.” etc. and the next moment it’s as though I don’t exist. Am I used or what? Am I some tool to use when you need it and the when I’m not, just to ignore? HelLO? I’m a human with feelings too, and its blackmail to say to someone that they’re mean if they don’t show you their homework. I’m getting so annoyed by it because its been piling up ever since high school, and there seems to be no end.

“Its only homework,” you say.

Well I respond, “Yeah it is, but it’s also my time I’m wasting here. If I’m gonna do my homework just so that someone can copy from it, I’d rather not do it at all.” That’s why it’s coming to a point where I’m delibrately trying to a) hand in my homework early or b) lie and say I haven’t done it or that I’ve left it at home or that I already handed it in. Okay, I sometimes borrow homework from my friends so that I can compare answers and all, but I assure you I don’t have the lack of dignity to “pretty please ” someone.

“Its only homework, nothing to do with dignity,” you say.

I reply, “If it’s not homework, I assure you it comes up in another form somewhere else in life.” Everytime I think of it I get disgusted at everyone who does it, and I just can’t bring myself to do it. There are exceptions, of course, like some of my friends (Christine, who unfortunately had to go through all my berating on the bus when she asked for hw =) who I effectively crumble and give in to. Others, well, I guess it’s gonna be a firm “no” from now on. Maybe I’m too soft. I know I can’t go on like this, but its sad that you have to be so cold-hearted in life to be able to survive. Sooner or later I’m gonna just hide in my shell and never come out. Life’s too harsh for me. lol. (No, I’m not gonna commit suicide. I’m still lively as ever!) I don’t care if I’m considered mean not giving homework, because in my world, it’s not me who’s mean.

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