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Jun 24 | The Most Unexpected Game

What with the World Cup fanfare, I thought it’d be interesting to bring this little gem of a story up for your entertainment. The year was 1994, the location, the sunny island of Trinidad and Tobago. The tournament was the Shell Caribbean Cup, a soccer championship for teams in the Caribbean Football Union. In Group […]

Mar 11 | Explaining the Credit Crisis

I’m not always keen on a) showing videos or b) blatantly copy and pasting someone else’s work, but I think a more knowledgeable crowd is better, particularly in light of the current financial crisis, so here goes an excellent video by Jonathan Jarvis explaining it all.

May 5 | Promise me you’ll never let me go

Jul 16 | Stanford Prison Experiment

During the summer of 1971, an unprecedented experiment was conducted by Stanford University psychology professor Philip Zimbardo, involving a mockup of a prison built in the basement of the university’s Psychology Department. 24 undergraduate students were paid $15 a day to participate in what was intended to be a two-week experiement. They were either assigned […]