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Nov 25, 2004 | Caught in Winter’s Breath

I guess after so many days of not updating I guess I owe something to this ragged diary of mine, and while my moments of inspiration are few, at least I can be sure that my boring moments in class can be used for something better… (Here’s one of the few poems that I worked around the title. Usually I create the title around the poem.)

Caught in Winter’s Breath

Twas a day of the yesteryear
That I was caught in its jaws
In the breath of winter clear
Ensnared ’til the cold frost thaws

I stood there under the trees
Laid naked and threadbare
Like fingers reaching; no one sees
The jewel of heaven so rare

The wind swept in a hurry past
A veil that rustle the leaves below
As the hours fade so quick and fast
The darkness achingly slow…

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