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Apr 19, 2008 | Dear advertisers of the world

Weak Men, Read

Dear advertisers of the world

I hope you realize that you waste pretty much every penny trying to get my attention.

You can argue all you want about subliminal messages, you can tell me that I chose Colgate over Aquafresh because of an ad I saw four years ago, or that I am more likely to shop at Microcenter because you’ve given me a free 2GB memory stick. You can point out that I’m making references to particular brands right now because they’re stuck in mind because of your advertising. Perhaps it is because I am a 21-year old living in a digital age where I can compare prices for the same item from five different stores in one browser, or because I am more frugal when it comes to shopping at Target and therefore I base my criteria for purchase on a) quantity vs. cost b) quality vs. cost c) necessity. I own a Fujitsu laptop purchased on eBay, I buy deodorant I didn’t know existed until I came to the United States, my toothpaste is still the cheapest on the shelf. I don’t own a console or portable gaming device, unfortunately. My mp3 player is old but trusty, none of that iPod stuff with 10 hours of battery life (mine has 50 on a single AA, thank you). Since I don’t watch TV, its a sad truth that I actually make my decision of what to choose at the supermarket based on how useful it is on my next meal.

It’s strange, though, because you assume that young people are more susceptible to the ads you run, that’s right, the ones you fork over anywhere from $8,694 up to $259,197 on the newspapers, on the highways, on the radio, online, on TV, on the subway, and every nook and cranny of my life. While that may be the case with the young’uns, rest assured that I would much rather you spend the money you would spend on me instead on feeding the hungry in Haiti. That, or pay for four years of my university tuition and give me the change. Or better, give the money to someone who wants to go the university but can’t because they can’t afford it. That’s a way to put a lasting impression on someone.

Besides, it would make reading the New York Times so much easier. That way at least it’ll fit in my backpack.

Picture by Trey Ratcliff, provided courtesy of picturecorrect.com

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