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Mar 11, 2004 | Don’t leave home

If the Corrs are sensational, Dido is phenomenal.. that’s what I say. I don’t know why I’m so hooked onto her songs, but my latest fav is ‘Don’t Leave Home’.. ‘kay, the lyrics aren’t exceptional, but the song… quite something.

Anyways, sorry to keep you all bored and disappointed that I haven’t posted in a week. I’ve been quite busy with my newest project, www.studenteab.tk, my school’s student page, which I set up during last weekend and have constantly updated since. I used this weblog’s script, believe it or not, so that teacher’s can post messages (without other ppl being able to do so) and so that students can access it and check other stuff. I also integrated an upload thing I use all the time so that students can download documents the teachers put online. It’s quite cool, I admit. Muahaha. so much for egoist me.

Mackie brought up a topic about me that supposedly happened at school that I found quite interesting.. that I was cheap. Well not that cheap but… quite frankly, what type of cheapness was it? I’m not sure myself. She mentioned it had something to do with my ‘job’ at the Pop shop at PACA, and selling snacks and all.. but I’m not sure whether to relate the cheap with my character or the selling stuff at a low price. Lol. This is what you get when you’re trying to update your diary at midnight. (I save my diaries in Notepad and upload them later. Somehow I get more inspired that way.) Maybe it’s the thought that my words aren’t being timed. Ah! Is it that cheapness in my character? Stinginess? I hope not. I’d rather be known for ‘saving’ rather than ‘hoarding…’ I dunno. I spend my money luxuriously when its appropriate (don’t ask me when.. YoU know muaha). Maybe it’s the Swiss in me. I dunno (Okay, enough of the I dunnos). By the way, I still say ‘neunante’ (I think that’s how you spell it) rather than ‘quatre-vingt-dix’. They both mean 90 in French, but the first one is the way the Swiss and the people from Belgium (umm.. Belgic?) say it, and it makes the Parisians laugh when I say it. It’s easier for me, no doubt. Fancy saying ‘four-twenty-ten’ (multiply four by twenty and add ten, get it?) instead of ‘ninety’. That’s why the French have so muddled up personalities (tem nada a ver ne?). Boa, bastante pra hoje. Ate mais pessoal.

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