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Feb 15, 2012 | Dreamers and four years

I think I know now why the dreamers take to the skies.

Photo by victorvonsalva

My ride home from Stanford takes about 5 miles of bike routes, from Palo Alto through to Mountain View. Along the way there are plenty of nice sights, interesting places (I pass by AOL and Groupon’s offices) and good roads to ride. But on clear evenings there’s always a spot that is guaranteed to make me slow down and look up. It’s a corner on Mackay Drive right after Shasta Drive, where the street lights are few and the homes are fairly quiet. The sky sort of opens up and you can see pretty much every star you want to see (and if I had taken the time to stop, I’m sure I would’ve seen more). It makes you feel downright small.

It reminds me of Swarthmore’s campus where I’d spend some nights taking pictures of the night sky. And its in those dreamy moments I remind myself how lucky I have been to have had Elizabeth to be with for the past 4 years. Sometimes it’s not so bad to ask someone out the day after Valentines, over a bowl of cereal. I love you, and I will do all that I can to make what is wrong, right.

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