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Around APAC in 88 Days Part 2 said on January 18th, 2013 at 5:00 am :

[…] I made a hack that lets me upload my GPS logs from my BadElf GPS Pro to a shareable online map. I emailed the […]

Jan 13, 2013 | Upload BadElf GPS logs to a shareable Google map

This little hack lets you export BadElf GPS logs to Dropbox and eventually to a website that can display your tracks (and share them with friends/family). This is a cheaper alternative to SPOT’s Messenger, which continually uploads tracks to their own (paid) service. You also have the option of choosing which tracks to share and which not to, and you also have the additional backup assurance of Dropbox. You might use this if you know you’re traveling but will have the occasional Wi-Fi connection where you can offload the logs. Opportunities for improvement include creating a login system, shared passwords, more data extraction from the KML, etc.

I bought the BadElf because it has a pretty decent battery life and storage options (100 hours of logging), good reviews on Amazon and a relatively lightweight and rugged form factor.

Demo here
The code is all hosted on GitHub here

From the BadElf iPad or iPhone app, select “Open KML in other App”, like so:

Select Dropbox.

Save to authorized app folder.

Once it’s uploaded, select the file online, which will transfer the KML file from Dropbox to your server.

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