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May 19, 2013 | Grüezi!

I’ve been in a sort of “consume media” mode for the past week, so it’s high time I switch gears and start doing something productive. The weather here has been rather uninspiring for the better part of the week, so I’ve kept myself busy looking for apartments, going to viewings, filling out applications, and wandering around town. I was able to open a bank account and get a (prepaid) cellphone the first full day I had, which was a pleasant surprise, since I had been worried about the kind of bureaucracy that I would have imagined in a country like Switzerland. (By comparison, US banks require proof of residency and a Social Security number, neither of which can be obtained on the day after arrival. Japan requires a Notification of Address, or for foreigners a Residence Card, which requires a visit to the local government office.).

The apartment hunt is a pretty stressful endeavor, particularly since there are the inevitable idiosyncrasies that makes the search all the more… interesting. Consider

I have a couple of spots visited and I’m eyeing one in particular, which would be fantastic to get since it’s a couple of blocks away from the office. The other one is in a really pretty place but a bit out of town, and would be only a temporary solution as it’s a sublet until September. But it would be completely furnished, too.

So many decisions to make! But there’s something laid back about being in Zurich – I’m not sure if it’s a recent predicament, but I’ve noticed I’ve become a lot more lazier and “laissez-faire” about things. There’s a tram I want to take at the stop and I can catch it if I run? Naw, I’ll just wait for the next one. I have the top bunk in a dorm and I could move my stuff to a bottom bunk if I take all my sheets and covers with me? Naw, I’ll just stay where I am.

Let’s just say I’m enjoying the fact that I don’t have to do anything in particular today except look for apartments in town. Besides, tomorrow’s a holiday.

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