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Genc said on January 4th, 2012 at 9:11 am :

Cool! I just have a small suggestion, wouldn’t it be more suitable for the phone to vibrate in case you’re going in the wrong direction? That is, user’s attention would be drawn only if needed.


Rio said on January 4th, 2012 at 5:30 pm :

@Genc that’s an interesting premise, though you can imagine that if you do get a vibrating alert if you’re headed in the wrong direction, you’d have to do a bit of a hunt for which might be the right one, whereas if you get the reassuring ping that you’re headed in the right direction, then it’s reaffirming what you already think is right.

Jan 4, 2012 | Help me test out Haptico!

Haptico is a little app that I made over Christmas break that lets your phone tell you if you’re headed in the right direction without having to take out the phone. The premise is simple – enter a location or a bearing (“north”) and the phone will vibrate if you’re headed in that direction. I’ve already done some pretty rigorous real-life testing on the streets of New York, but there’s nothing quite like getting other people to try it out as well.

That would be me dangling the phone outside a 15th floor window. In the freezing cold. With a camera in the other hand.

I’d like to get it to the App Store soon, but I’d rather wait and iron out the issues rather than suffer the wrath of the masses.

If you want to give it a whirl before it hits the App Store, use TestFlight or check out the landing page!

Thank you!

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