Last updated September 2004

Everyone says a weblog without a personality is like Nirvana playing Bach at Carnegie Hall. I can't disagree. Not that there is much to explain about myself here, especially since I fit in the traditional stereotype of a lost teenager. Lost in all senses of the word. Which is perhaps why I came up with this blog, a tool for myself to pour out the little happenings of my every day, the little memories inscribed into a mind that is equally lost.

I won't bore you with statistics and birth certificates that will paint no better picture of myself than what you already imagine. I will, however, tell that I am speak several languages, have lived in several countries, and have changed the layout of this blog more than several times.

Read the more important details about me: here

Here's my photo album:

Album 1: Shrek 2
Album 2: People

I browse/read the following weblogs:

Dan's Blog
Rites of Spring
The Word Flow
Comfortable Pain
Going Underground's Blog
Black and White Photography

I recount the tales of my visit to Sardinia in the "Sardinia Chronicles":

Part 1: July 29th- August 6th, 2004
Part 2: August 9-12th, 2004
Part 3: August 14-25th, 2004

I walk through the streets of Paris like a tourist in the "Paris Chronicles":

Issue 1: Dog Leftovers, Mildly Put
Issue 2: Paris from the Underground, part 1
Issue 3: Paris from the Underground, part 2

I write software reviews when it suits me:

File 1: Peer to Peer
File 2: Internet Browsers

... and even some scant movie reviews:

Movie 1: Pirates of the Caribbean
Movie 2: Daredevil
Movie 3: The Bourne Identity
Movie 4: Escape From Alcatraz
Movie 5: Bruce Almighty
Movie 6: The Bourne Supremacy
Movie 7: The Terminal
Movie 8: Walking Tall
Movie 9: Shrek 2
Movie 10: The Day After Tomorrow
Movie 11: Along Came Polly
Movie 12: The Last Samurai

I also wrote poems:

The Questions of a Soul
The Morning Moon
Summer Hail
The Wind
Over the SATs

... and stories from time to time:

A note on this story
Eclipse of Souls (Part 1)
Eclipse of Souls (Part 2)
Eclipse of Souls (Part 3)
Eclipse of Souls (Part 4)
Eclipse of Souls (Part 5)

Petrified Words consists of coherent mumblings and a journey of discovery into the mind of an 17 year old living in Paris



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