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Feb 19, 2004 | Little frustrations

why can’t there be ppl to help when its reallly needed? (yeah yeah i kno, im not superman or anything, but still, understand this) like the article in IHT the other day.. about a schoolgirl who was forced to move to the south of france because she was picked on as a ‘dirty Jew’ and all the torment.. i mean, okay the kids who said that shouldn’t be on this earth in the first place, but besides that, weren’t there ppl who would stand up to her defense? ppl are sitting ducks these days… superficial.. fake.. i guess im just at the wrong place at the wrong time… because right now, i don’t feel like being a so-called ‘friend’ for another superficial soul… there are ppl who need support… and no way to get at them…

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