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Sep 1, 2012 | Magic Pudding

With my summer internship over I now have a bit of time to put towards writing and sharing some of my summer. Stay tuned for more frequent updates!

Magic pudding

魔法のプリン- Magic pudding. The image it conjures up as a mystical menu item in a ramen store deep inside Tokyo probably differs from person to person. For me, I imagined a pudding that would be served on a bed of fluffy clouds and perhaps some whipped cream and a healthy dose of sweet, luxurious caramel. Not something that would be served in an unassuming silver plastic cup with the syrup in a sachet.

To be fair, though, there is something to be said about the level of expectation you generate when the item is accompanied by 数量限定 (limited quantity!) and the fact that where a regular pudding is provided free of charge with the meal, you have to shell out an extra 100 yen for this magical pudding. The extra price must be worth it, you say to yourself, as you unwittingly point towards the extra big box on the menu. “Magic pudding, please”. Even saying it out loud makes it a bit ridiculous, like as if you’ve walked into a Redwall-themed restaurant and ask for a strawberry cordial to a waiter dressed as a mouse in armor.

Magic pudding

Is it magical?

Well, obviously.

It falls into the delicious category of desserts that make you question your sanity for a brief moment, as you ponder whether or not you want to order another one even as you devour the one in front of you. But to devour a magic pudding would be a travesty – it disappears into your mouth – one airy pudding morsel at a time. The pudding is slippery and lightweight, but not liquid, the sweetness just enough to be complemented by the dash of caramel that looks at you and says “you may want me, but it’s totally up to you”.

The shiny, silvery cup betrays nothing of the wonderful contents – the lid says “pudding” and lists a couple of the ingredients. The mystery is unbearable, but you have no time to dwell on that mystery – the pudding must be eaten before a hungry, invisible mob threatens to snatch that precious cup from your hands.

It is magical, trust me.

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