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Golf Grouch said on May 25th, 2005 at 6:05 pm :

Good review. It saved me from wasting $8 and 2 hrs.

May 22, 2005 | Movie review for Sahara

Movie Review for Sahara (2005)

Director: Breck Eisner
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 124 min

I guess I expect a certain amount of realism in movies, and Sahara failed to live up to my expectations, though it had a lot of good action, some humour, and some nice acting. The plot, in essence, was a failed rendition of “The Mummy”. It’s based on Clive Cussler’s books centered around Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaghuey), who is a NUMA scientist searching for a Civil War ironclad warship which he presumes is to be found, of all places, along the Niger River. This is intertwined with the quest of WHO doctor Eva (Penelope Cruz) who is after the source of a disease she thinks is somewhere in Mali. They part their ways at the beginning and then happen across each other at the most convenient of times (ie Dirk to the rescue), and then set off together in their conquest, which happens to have a similar goal– find the ironclad, and it should lead you to the source of the disease/toxin. Oh, and it so happens that the source is a result of a benevolent attempt to use solar energy to vaporise some chemical waste. The Touareq also come to their aid at the perfect moment. Whaddaya know, they find a cave drawing of the ironclad in the Toureq settlement they’re taken to first as prisoners, then as friends of a common cause, because his soccer ball falls into the cave where some drawings depict the ship. Oh and what are the chances that you can kick yourself from the back of a truck, with your hands shackled to another person, without being noticed by the drivers? Let’s windsail across the desert with an abandoned destroyed airplane as the sail! Let’s use a 150-year-old ironclad’s cannon to destroy a helicopter whose pilot just happens to put himself the right place! Let me pass of as an army general by wearing some uniform and putting dirt on my face! Oh, by sheer luck and very quick thinking I just know there’s a bomb in this place, and what do you know, I’ve found it!

Perhaps the more unfortunate part of the movie was its music, which either did not fit the scene or was abruptly faded out. It’s truly a pity, really. Ah well, you have good movies and not so good ones.

6 out of 10 for a movie you might watch if you had nothing really better to do.

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