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Mar 5, 2004 | Mr. A and Ms. B

This is a true story. Rather, it is the true tale of two people whose existence and knowledge of each other was entirely coincidental. Indeed, under all circumstances the two would have never met, and indeed, they never have, which is part of the mystery. It all began one day in New York, when Mr. A (or rather a kid, punk, dude, guy, whatever you may call him, but he isn’t married–yet) went online and decided it was a swell day to chat in the MSN chat rooms that offerred every topic from Tokyo to telephones, and to see if he was lucky in finding any good person to talk to. He was, and despite getting emails of peculiar people that never seemed to be interested in devlopping a normal conversation, there was one person he found to be really nice. And so, on that fateful day in New York, while everyone was worrying about the West Nile virus and the mosquitoes, Mr. A met Ms. B. She was apparently the same age as Mr. A, and the things they talked about were the usual thing teenagers talked about when they went online, such as music, the latest bands, and the sort. They also introduced each other, hesitantly at first, because neither was too sure about what to say next and what not to say, because as you all know, what you type on the computer just about defines who you are to someone who doesn’t know you.

And so, as they ‘bumped’ into each other online every so often, they would talk, and talk, and when Mr. A said he had to go offline, it sometimes peeved Ms. B. Some nights Mr. A would turn on his father’s computer when his parents were fast asleep, and he would continue chatting with her, because as you know, she lived a considerable distance away, and his hour of the day did not quite match up with hers. As the year passed and melted into the next, Mr. A found himself startled by the reality that he was liking the Ms. B. She always liked to chat, and sometimes she would get so hyper that her spelling went askew and it would make Mr. A laugh. Other times it was a contest to see who could type the fastest, because their ideas seem to wiz past. At other times Mr. A was busy and all, and wouldn’t talk, but if he knew it meant that Ms. B would be bored, he would chuck his homework out the window so that he could continue chatting. One of the things they enjoyed doing was writing tales line by line, so that Mr. A would type one line of the story, and Ms. B the next, so that they would end up with this pretty hilarious and ridiculous story about how they might meet one day.

Mr. A then moved houses to another distant country, and Ms. B had to tolerate several months until Mr. A could get his lame 23kbps connection that never seemed to work. Even when he did go online, he would sometimes get disconnected and he would feel like he wanted to throw the computer at the wall, but he didn’t do that, because he knew the computer cost a lot and he wouldn’t be able to go online anymore. At Christmas one year in this new country, Ms. B sent a nice letter to Mr. A, and Mr. A was so ecstatic he actually slipped on the carpet floor and had a hard time masking his pain at the dinner table that evening. He was very careless at times. In any case, he was really happy about that letter, and sent a reply almost immediately, and so began a one-letter odyssey. I say one letter because there only came one letter from Ms. B, and this upset Mr. A a bit because he kept sending letters and he had looked forward to letters from Ms. B. But he found out it didn’t really matter, because at least they could chat at nights, or after school. It was all quite a mystery for Mr. A, because he never did quite know what Ms. B looked like. She stoutly refused to send any pictures, and this again upset Mr. A a bit, but he was back online again forgetting about the issue.

One February, Mr. A felt extremely bitter and decided he wanted to break the relationship between Mr. A and Ms. B. Obviously Ms. B became upset and threw away anything that had to do with Mr. A, but then again Mr. A deserved it for being so downright cruel. After all, that day in February was supposed to be the day everyone fell in love and kissed and exchanged silly pieces of chocolate, not to break up.

After several months of being and feeling an absolute fool, and contemplating equally foolish ideas, he realised that he was no good without the person he now realised was the other side of his soul. He could never explain why he felt that way, because even if people were to ask why he was in love with Ms. B, he could never quite satisfiably convince anyone.

And so he said that he was an absolute fool and that he did not quite deserve to live on the surface of the Earth for all that he had done, and Ms. B was gracious enough to forgive him. And Mr. A hoped that things would go well between them for longer than before. Unfortunately, Mr A had to move yet again to another distant country, and this time it became even harder to talk to Ms. B, because she practically lived on the other side of the globe. But he knew that that was simply an excuse for not wanting to talk to her, because he felt that he needed a true person, someone visible and tangible and all. What he realised was that there wasn’t anyone quite as true and lifelike as Ms. B, because she was the one person who had, at least in a figurative sense, followed him across three nations. No one except Mr. A’s parents had followed Mr. A as such. And thus, this is the tale of one soul, by the name of Mr. A, asking Ms. B if she is going to accept another fool like Mr. A for someone more than a friend. Because the author of this tale happens to be also Mr. A, and he is wondering if he has been a fool all along for having left behind the one person on the face of the earth that he has never met anywhere else, a person who’s lively soul can hardly stop Mr. A from feeling cheered up everytime he talks to Ms. B. And while Ms. B might be asking herself if this is another fake chapter in Mr. A’s life, he assures her it is not. Perhaps the golden chain Mr. A got for Ms. B one Christmas might actually be replaced by a real one. He never knows, and nor will anyone else.

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