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Apr 15, 2012 | Mutterings from 30th Street Station

In which I travel 320 miles on a bus, meet a Swarthmore student, and realize Apple’s mac chargers have shortcomings too.

The video station with the station cop repeating about how security is his number one concern fades into the recesses of 30th Street Station as I sit awkwardly near a wall socket. It becomes a haunted mumble (listen) echoing through the space, as weary travelers try to get a bit of rest or wander about, waiting for the next train. The last Amtrak has just left for Washington DC, so most of the people here are going to be waiting for a while. The Dunkin Donuts guy bashfully admits there is no more ice, so some of us drift towards the McDonalds, where there isn’t ice coffee, but at least some super sweet tea, only in Large, of course.

I’m here waiting for the 4:30 airport train – it’s hardly worth $25 for a cab fare – but it also means I have to devise a good enough tactic to stay awake or sleep intermittently. So far, the wireless is helping. My charger, however, is not. Apple’s socket-heavy Mac chargers are horrible for fitting into loose sockets, because they just fall out. Apparently Apple’s engineers never thought of that, did they.

My back is not particularly happy after a 7 hour BoltBus ride from Boston’s South Station to here, but the ride was decent. It’s important to consider that at least for MegaBus and BoltBus, given that they respect speed limits, in my experience they have hardly ever been on-time for arrival (Fung-Wah and the other Chinatown buses get around this by violating most common traffic rules, including going 80 on the highway). The stop at Arby’s in North Haven is appropriate enough, if only because it lets people stretch our their legs, buy some greasy roast-beef sandwich, and make a queue for the restroom.

Update 2:10am: Good of the Philadelphia PD to stop by and ask what I was up to inside the station, ostensibly to take care of the vagrants. They asked if I had a ticket and whatnot, and while I hadn’t purchased my ticket yet they were civil and nice. The cop even knew the train schedules for SEPTA, so I was duly impressed.

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