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Zetta said on July 12th, 2019 at 5:34 pm :

I was much amazed to find this article – I have such an album at home. My husband got it from his parents and we do not know the year of its issue. I would be happy to know more about this project. Would be happy if anyone could share this i fo with me.


Josette Ferguson said on July 17th, 2019 at 3:19 pm :

I have this same book, but complete. I got it from my mother. Before she passed away.
How old is this book?
What years was it on the market to be filled up with stamps?
I am curious

Jan 19, 2014 | Peter Cailler’s Kohler Nestlé’s Chocolate Trading Cards

I found this gem of an album at the Helvetiaplatz flea market for 45 CHF. The album is incomplete towards the latter number of pages, but there are 60 pages with 12 spaces in each on both sides.

What’s interesting here is that the album name itself names Switzerland’s most famous chocolate pioneers.

Peter, from Daniel Peter, who started making chocolates in 1875 after marrying Fanny Cailler, daughter of François-Louis Cailler under the name Peter-Cailler and Co. François-Louis was the first to start making chocolates in the form of bars, and the first to start manufacturing chocolates in Switzerland. Kohler is the namesake of Charles-Amédée Kohler, who is credited with adding nuts to chocolates. In 1904, Peter and Kohler officially merged, and Cailler joined in 1911. This agglomeration was then purchased by Nestlé in 1929.

From what I could find out online, especially this site, “Excursions into the Past” (German), the album would have cost 2 CHF (a mere 13 CHF now), and you could pay 6 CHF to get one complete series (the book has space for 120). Each stamp or trading card would be packaged together with a bar of chocolate larger than 50g in size.

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