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Oct 24, 2004 | Poems from Silent Symbolism

Here are some of the poems I’ve written in the past, collected in my Silent Symbolism notebook:

10. Ontology, August 22, 2001

If that bird were not there
Would I not hear it sing?

If that fox were not in its lair,
Would I not see a thing?

If that leaf were not fluttering,
Does that mean there is no wind?

If that Cheshire were not vanishing,
Could I have sworn that it had grinned?

35. Quietude, September 30, 2002

As I lay
In the quietude of my mind
It occured to me the
anomaly of it all,
That those who are and should
be the happiest
Usually are the most unhappy
And those that should
be looking for a brighter tomorrow
Are the happiest
Such an anomaly
Perhaps brings peace
Or so I thought
As I lay

36. Love, October 2, 2002

Love is such a funny thing
That leads us all astray
It brings us down unto our knees
And makes the darker night to day

And yet such funny thing
Can also bring together
The most unlikely two
In the worst kind of weather

I guess its only understandable
If that heart throb never ceases
Cause that’s what love is all about
The two special puzzle pieces

38. Rhapsody, January 4, 2003

It matters not the many seas
That seperate me from her
Triviality that questions
So long as I may see
She remains in my heart
Not lost amidst my other thoughts
As long as love is the bridge
Spanning the millions of miles
There’s always a will
When you know there’s a possibility…

Unknown but to me
This anxious hope that wakes me
Each day another chance
To walk a bit more
The bridge

39. Desesperation, February 17, 2003

If it’s a long gone possibility
I’d rather say never
But to lose that chance
Beyond my extending grasp
Would be something I’d rather decline
I’d rather not give up
I’d rather not say no
Leave the road open
Like a home without a roof
I’d rather get wet in the rain
Than live my life dry
Never despair

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