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Jan 7, 2013 | Predictions for 2013

Every year since 2004 I’ve written a relatively uninformed set of predictions for the year ahead, and it’s been an interesting ritual. This year I’m gunning for quantity and quality, but before I do, here’s the verdict on last year’s.

  1. RIM suffers a setback – not really: RIMM has seen a 50 percent increase in stock during the last 2 months of 2012.
  2. Apple unveils a new iPad, iPhone and Apple TV yes, Apple released 3 iPads during 2012
  3. Greece pulls out of the EU no, and very unlikely at this point. The Nobel committee even awarded the EU the Nobel Peace Prize during 2012
  4. Fidel Castro passes away no: he seems to be faring well… for now.
  5. Facebook goes public and fares well but stocks in other recent offerings goes down. sort of: FB stock actually rebounded towards the end of the year and is just about $10 off the initial offering price.
  6. There is a major earthquake in either Tokyo or somewhere in California no
  7. Higgs-Boson particles are categorically proven to exist sort of: something that could be the Higgs particle was detected in July.

Not a terribly splendid result. Let’s see what 2013 might have in stock:

  1. Time’s Person of the Year is a woman. It may end up being someone like Malala Yousafzai or Hillary Clinton. The same two candidates may vie for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  2. Apple stock declines to below $400, dipping to a pricepoint just before 2012 started and worrying investors.
  3. Lance Armstrong admits to doping, unable to deny claims, Lance’s fall from grace is swift and unforgiving
  4. Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro pass away, bringing in a new perspective to Socialist and Communist presence in Central and Latin America
  5. One World Tower (Freedom Tower), opens, harkening a new chapter in the post 9-11 New York skyline
  6. Mozilla releases a phone, adding another handset to the massive lineup available to customers today
  7. Google Glasses made available to the public, after a strong showing with the Explorer Edition, Google offers a limited run of the glasses to the public
  8. Berlusconi sworn in as prime minister for the 4th time, further reducing any credibility Italy might have in the global political landscape
  9. A large earthquake in Japan rattles nerves 2 years after the massive earthquake and tsunami of 2011
  10. North Korea launches another rocket, but eventually relations with South Korea improve
  11. Yahoo under Meyer unveils new technology in the form of a new social network, or mobile OS
  12. Kate Middleton’s child is … a girl

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