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Mar 20, 2004 | Questions of a Soul

Talk about a trip back in time! Check out BBC’s “I Love 1986” (or any year of the sort) at


also.. a latest unfinished poem of mine… (any suggestions highly welcome)

The Questions of a Soul

The questions of a silent soul
would be enough to burn a giant hole
through the windy palaces of the frozen lands
and the hostile dunes of the sifting sands

They would seek the answers that no one would
disregarding the common should and could
the senseless syntax would not mind
for none shall hold that could not bind

The heart would answer, try as it might
to give the soul the endless sight
to help it understand wrong from right
giving daylight to the dismal night

The questions of a silent soul
would have no purpose and no goal
and yet it would falter not at all
to query everything big and small…

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