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Jul 31, 2008 | Redesigning War News Radio

I’m proud to present the redesign of Swarthmore College’s War News Radio website.

War News Radio 2.0

The new site provides a three-column layout for easier reading and cuts down on the amount of scrolling necessary to access new content. The sidebar has been replaced by three functions that are central to a website dedicated to a specialized, news-podcast/broadcast show: subscription (via RSS), location (via landline radio) and search (within the website). The columns are divided into this week and the week prior, with links to more shows. In doing so, the site has been widened so that additional pages also span a wider surface. The banner was redesigned to give a fresher, more refined look to the logo.

The code has been updated to be largely XHTML 1.0 compliant, though issues with embedding the flash player have not been resolved yet. The flash player, which previously loaded in a new window, now is contained within each post.

This is what the site looked before the relaunch:

War News Radio 2.0

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