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Sep 25, 2004 | Romance Inspired

A poem dedicated to the girl who’s inspired me more than anyone.. (The second poem is a free-verse poem; both shall go untitled)

A heart alone I used to be
Silent and lost in a dismal sea
But a flower sprung from your hands
Come green grass on the unforgiving sands
Daylight you sang into my night
Bringing vision a newfound light
I a part of you and you of me
A special heart you have so special to me

A smile to feed my soul
To fill that empty hole within
She told me goodbye
That moment lost
But somewhere and everywhere I see
A common thread a common mind
Perhaps a common heart as well
The memories locked within my heart
You have the keys and no one else
Unlock the treasures I have for you

And it reminds me of the bluebird
For it’s a sad sad thing to hear it sing
It brings back the good times we’ve been through
I hear you I feel you I miss you
I see the moon and stars that shines on us both
So distant, so far away

But I hope

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