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A little bit more focus said on December 3rd, 2009 at 10:18 pm :

[…] This is one of those posts that sound more like a rant, but I hope the future me will someday look back on it as a snapshot of who I am today, (like this post). […]

Mar 11, 2008 | Scandalous

New York governor Eliot Spitzer has been named as a client of Emperor’s Club VIP, a high-end prostitution agency, after a FBI wire-tap caught him with 23-year-old call-girl ‘Kristen’ last month in a Washington hotel. The headlines have exploded over the scandal, in particular because he made a name for himself as State Attorney General prosecuting high-profile cases involving abuses of funds and power. He is expected to resign soon.

I do find it despicable that people have rejoiced over his ‘fall from grace’- reality check: we are all human, are we not? Sure, he was a hypocrite, but can we not let the poor guy suffer the consequences without the media climbing all over him?

Spitzer doc

A few things are for sure:
» I bet Clients 1-8 are rushing to end their associations with Emperor’s Club VIP.
» Silda Spitzer must’ve had a pretty quiet Valentines.

New York clouds move silently behind the crane that spans the skyline as I look up. Down below, I hear the chorus of yellow taxicabs as they vie for the little space that exists on the busy streets. I wander about, aimlessly, looking for nothing in particular except perhaps the hand of the one person I care about most in my life…

Things I want to make sure happen if/when I get married/have children:

» Each Valentines day will be special, as will be each anniversary.
» My kid(s) will not be spoiled but they will be loved. If it means putting aside work for even a bit, so be it.
» I will bend the world in half just to make sure my kids grow up without feeling guilty for causing their parents to argue.
» Hugs are mandatory.
» The TV won’t be the main fixture in the house.
» I grew up thinking there was nothing odd about a stay-at-home-mum. I hope my kids will think the same.

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