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Jul 1, 2010 | Site updates

As part of my work with the wonderful Fresh Tilled Soil team I’ve been motivated to do a bit of spring cleaning on this venerable website of mine (allow me to point out that I have written a blog of some shape or form since 2003!). Hence there are a few things to note:

  1. Expanded the main page to a comfortable 960 pixels, with a nod towards the 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith.
  2. Added a plugin that allows you to see posts that were submitted on the same day years ago
  3. Restored and enhanced the search functionality to be WordPress’s default so as to better access older posts
  4. Cleaned up the archives and made it more visible with a navigation link
  5. Moved the “Recently Read” links to a middle column
  6. Organized the main page to show excerpts of recent posts below the single latest post.
  7. Went through and categorized as many blog posts as I could
  8. Added some content to the Pages area

Hopefully this site will continue to grow as a part of me, carving a small corner of the web with stuff I find interesting, things I think about, and ideas I want to share.

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