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Mar 31, 2004 | The demise of bloggers

its seems like lately there are less and less people blogging.. it used to be like for every blogger who ended blogging, three more would start, but now I’m thinking its about one-to-one. Take Max, from A Teenager Blogs, who actually won The Guardian British Weblog Awards 2003, who stoppped posting a while ago and ended completely a few days ago. I’ve been blog-hunting around somewhat (thanks to Diarist.net’s nifty “random blog” link) and about half of them had either been closed or were outdated.. I guess people start realising that they’re revealing too much of themselves online, that they have to move on, to search for meaning in life outside the screen. I can understand, but its always reassuring to know that there are people out there that you might have never known unless you blogged, people who come to know you and somewhat respect you… and its the same for me. some might call it nosy-ness, but then again its not prying into another person’s life, its enjoying and sharing the good times and the bad, the happy and the sad…

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