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May 20, 2008 | The Google Takeover

Google Health launched yesterday

I don’t particularly welcome to advent of Google Health, mainly because Google controls so much of my life already as it is. Google has become so integral in our daily lives that if Google’s servers were to suffer from some form of failure even for an hour, its impact will be so devastating it just might bring about its demise. It’s scary, knowing that they have so much of your information (credit card, personal information contained within documents, spreadsheets, email, and now your personal health). While Google’s recent handing over of information might’ve been fair, it’s still a sign that Google can hand over to anyone they deem appropriate with pretty much anyone’s personal information.

Things to do online The Google equivalent
Email Gmail
Video Google Video, YouTube
Blogging Blogger
Maps and directions Google: Maps, Street View, Earth
Word Processing Google Docs (with Spreadsheets)
Books Google: Book Search, Scholar
Shopping Google Product Search (previously Froogle), Google Checkout
Social networking Orkut, Google Groups, Jaiku, Dodgeball
Business Google: Apps, Finance, Calendar, News
Web Development Google: Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adsense, Sites, Adwords
Photography Picasa, Panoramio
Communication Gchat, GrandCentral

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