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jr said on June 12th, 2005 at 10:55 am :

interesting lyrics

Jun 10, 2005 | The Mind-washing Cat

Due to the sudden influx of webloggers wanting to be part of International Weblogger’s Day, anything I write between today and the 14th will be complete and utter gibberish. Hence, I shall direct you all to the wonderful Faerunner‘s post on individuality. I could not rephrase her words without adding insult to her great talent in writing about a lot of subjects, all of which I agree with, and I marvel at the way she can combine all those subjects (communication, individualism, generic or not, being swept by the masses, sharing… ) then come up with one, coherent post. If there’s anything good to read out of this post, visit her blog and have a good read.

And while I’m at crediting other people for their great work, part of the following nonsense verse (the beginning to be exact) is courtesy of profoundly_disturbed‘s lyrical talent. I added the nonsense to it all. Have a good weekend everyone and see you all on the 14th.

The Mind-washing Cat

There was a time, upon and once
And thence and on and on
When children played
And swings there swayed
And loud was cry and song

The clouds rode high and drifted low
Upon the shine and darkened sky
As lovers danced
And animals pranced
Upon the far fields nigh

A boat sailed past without fanfare
Many a wave did it disturb
No critter stirred
No sound was heard
While I a-sitting on the curb

I sat and thought and wished and watched
While life continued on,
And then I heard
A cat that purred
Its sight no more anon

Its mew disturbed my train of thought
As it chugged along its way
I could think no more
No legend, no lore
I’d forgotten what I’d wanted to say

My train of thought screeched and groaned
Its brakes protesting the pain
The passengers looked out
To look about
With faces of great disdain

After a while, after a long long pause
The train began to move ahead
The anger was gone
But the damage was done
After all that had been done and said

So this sad sad poem ends as thus
And a very sorry sight at that
But it’s no fault of mine
Blame the dark feline
Beware the mind-washing cat

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