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Dec 8, 2010 | The Web as we once saw it

I’m particularly fascinated in the ways in the Internet was perceived in the past because the benefit of hindsight gives us a lot to appreciate. From the times of “Compuserve”, “America Online” as “gateways to the world wide web” and the “Information Superhighway” we’re now transitioning to a pervasive, multimedia format that we can hardly imagine a day without. So that’s why I was particularly excited when Science Friday aired last week a resurrection from a 1993 segment in which they talk about the future of the Internet. They also take the first call ever through VoIP, choppy and all. Some choice quotes:

I think this is media of the people. One of the new things that I hope this technology can do is really redesign government. I see enormous potential there.

The magic number with the internet is 64,000 bits per second… a typical modem runs at 9,600 bits or less.

You can listen to the entire segment here:

Who knows what we’ll think of 2010 in the future?

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