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Mar 13, 2004 | Theory of Unknowledge

Theres a class called Theory of Knowlege (or TOK as it is more commonly known) in the IB that everyone has to take, and I, for one, am unfortunately one of them. We discuss things like morals, forms of knowledge, science and whether or not it seeks to reach an ultimate truth, and modern and post-modern ways of thinking, and entirely senseless things as such. It sure does reveal the characters of some ppl though, because you can tell what they truly believe in. Sadly, most of them are atheists or don’t care, and that makes me feel helpless because I don’t really know what to say to them. I can’t sort of take that into perspective really, because back at PACA if anyone was to be defined as atheist, it probably would’ve been me. (I’m not atheist, I assure you. I believe in God whole-heartedly, and this I try not to overexaggerate because I know I can say what I want but without showing it in my actions my words are useless and worthless. So I try to show it more than I say it…but at PACA, I have to admit that there were really strong believers that I truly admire and I know I’ll have to strengthen my relationship with Him to not falter here.. I have to constantly remind myself what would those students do if they were in my place? and most importantly, what does God want me to do, and what does He give me as a guide to follow in the Bible?) Thanks to the Answer-Seeking Girl for the lyrics to the great song.

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